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Fast Company || Sam Adams

28 Jun

In his first year in office, Adams implemented the Climate Action Plan, a roadmap to cutting Carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050; he’s merged the Office of Sustainable Development with the Bureau of Planning to infuse all city plans with sustainability; he’s worked toward allocating $20 million for new “bicycle boulevards“; and he’s started a pilot program for clean energy retrofitting.

Adams has proven that even in slow economic times, he’s still moving Portland forward as a Fast City.

full interview here


Thomas Pink || Commuter Tie

23 Sep


Thomas Pink have made their successful Commuter Tie part of their permanent collection. The Thomas Pink Commuter Tie resembles a regular tie but features a unique pocket behind it designed to hold an iPod Nano with the headphones concealed behind the tie when not in use. The tie has been adapted from season to season to hold the different iPod Nano shapes as well as new colors being offered. The Commuter Tie is available exclusively from Thomas Pink stores. (via Sybarites)

MMM | Glass Slipper

21 Sep


Made famous by none other than Cinderella and brought to life by Maison Martin Margiela, the Brothers Grimm fantastical shoe concept now exists, albeit in limited quantities.

While Margiela usually plays with reality by repurposing everyday objects (see his Currency Wallets, nail keyring and silver hospital bracelet) rather than turning to fairytales, we can’t think of a better designer to execute this shoe. Taking the idea further, the designer sells these limited edition heels, not in pairs, but per piece. We shouldn’t have to tell you that these pumps are not for daily use, however if you’re brave make sure to get a pedicure and tread lightly.

Available at Maison Margiela Stores for HK$9,900 each or HK$19,999 for the pair. ( via Cool Hunting )

Bill Gates: Electromagnetic Generator Patent

16 Apr


Mr. William H. Gates, III is listed as one of the inventors on a recent patent application for an “Electromagnetic engine.” According to the filing at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the contraption somehow “converts mechanical energy of a piston to and from electrical energy during each piston cycle.” There are two engine designs illustrated in the patent, and the basic premise of both is to combine the electrical generating capabilities of a generator with the moving pistons of an internal combustion engine.

Also on the patent filing is a design for a “plasma injector.” Ostensibly a replacement for a spark plug, the plasma injector would kick off “a chemical reaction” (think: combustion cycle) that would be required to get the piston moving in the first place. It’s all rather interesting stuff, and if you’ve got an hour or two (or ten) to digest it, click here.

This stuff sounds like it belongs on the Jetsons!

Corner Frame

9 Apr



The Wrap Around the Corner Frame can hold up to 12 photos of various shapes and sizes, and is the perfect frame for a montage of your favorite vacation photos, a collage of your most smiley friends, or portraits of your cat taken every month for a year. ( via Photojojo)

Microsoft 2019

4 Mar

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dRMM Sliding House

5 Feb

Designer: dRMM

Locations: Suffolk, England

three separate structures, and a garage that are unified by a sliding wall which can envelop them together. the outer wall of the house moves along a 28 meter track and can sit over any part of main house’s 16-meters linear frame, or move to cover any part of the 7-meter annex, or the open space in front of the 5 meter garage. A greenhouse looking structure is part of the main house, but is built in such a way that it almost looks like its own entity. More Info