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1 Dec


1 Samuel 8

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Obama Hustle

20 Oct

in a previous blog i posted entitled ‘ONE VOICE’ i mentioned the unity of the seniors in America and how precious and loudly their voices are heard in any political campaign. My father sent me an email of a perfect display of what i was saying. Not only are they having fun with it, they’re getting excercise, and they’re maximizing their individual vote with strength in numbers. In any other election or vote on certain laws or rights, they’re doing the exact same thing. So young people, young voters especially, please take heed!

Disclaimer: i am in no way, shape, or form, endorsing Obama. I do like some of the things that he speaks on, but i’ve learned to never get too excited over politicians. I hope he if he gets elected, he does his best to do right by the American citizens and the world. The same that i wish McCain to do if he were to get elected. In any event, check out the video… Enjoy!

Obama Hustle


14 Oct


As the 2008 presidential election grows nearer i probably should have said this earlier but nonetheless, i felt that it what i’m about to say had to be mentioned sooner or later. For as long as i’ve known (even before i could legally vote) i’ve kept up with politics to the best of my ability and was encouraged to vote. it was not only my civic right, but my ethnic, socio-economic, and civic duty. i’ve come to realize how emotional politics are and how politicians, more importantly presidents and presidential candidates, play on our emotions. There has always been some kind of war or financial crisis during an election that places the average American citizen in panic, kind of like now, where we (citizens) “feel” a drastic change has to happen because we “feel” the affects of these occurences in our everyday lives. 

What i believe the American citizen fails to realize is, a society that a government has to almost dictate, whether by law or by leadership, is not the infrastructure of a well built, successful, and stable country. A country’s prominence is predicated on it’s ability to be ran by THE PEOPLE and maintained by the government. Presidential candidates argue over tax laws and benefits, war, the economy, education, global warming, energy, healthcare, etc. All variables that THE PEOPLE contribute to and control. Our lack of knowledge as citizens (which isn’t always our fault because those in powerful positions withhold information) places us in these predicaments that we find ourself in, and the first thing we do is call on the government who never sufficiently or effeciently helps the American citizen.

I said all that, to basically say this… WHAT GOOD IS ‘A VOTE?’ Now before you jump to any conclusions, hear what i mean by that. We already live in a capitalistic society where crushing your competitor is praised, Greed is worshiped, and individualism is idolized (uhh, celebrities). With all these things, the end result is back to square one. One company always ends up being defeated by another no matter how large it gets, the Greedy (like the banks) who hoard money end up losing it, and the flame of the stars fizzle out. So principly, what good does one vote do you? Every voting campaign i’ve heard encourages voting, which isn’t bad but it also isn’t enough to get things done.

Throughout history, the only things that have lasted beyond itself are movements. the Black Panther movement, the Civil RIghts movement, the structuring of unions. ahh, yes! We’ve arrived to my main point. UNITY! i recently heard Jay Z in a soundbite mention, he never saw the importance of voting because it never trickled down to his community. So he didn’t vote and nothing ever changed in his community. I couldn’t agree more but the fact of the matter is, even if you vote individually, it’s just you being heard against 40 billion other voices on earth. (Yes, on earth. Don’t think these Parliaments and other world leaders don’t have a say so in what goes on. That’s another topic though.) Inless we vote as a unified group, a unified voice, a unified movement, with a unified cause, what good is one vote? Your an ant scream in an avalanche. i now understand why the elderly vote was so powerful. it wasn’t because they were just voting, it was becuase they all had a common cause on what they were voting for. So if a politician appealed to that one common cause, they knew they stood a great chance at gaining a lot of support.

Until we all unify in something, we’ll continually just be voting in vain and never see any REAL CHANGE happening. We’ll always just be a bunch of scattered voices in the wilderness. Voting because it’s the cool thing to do and now you can rock your selected “go vote” t-shirt. I’ll leave you with this; Imagine having a very important decision to make and you go to your counselors for advice. They’re all saying different things and all speaking to you at once. You eventually grow weary in your frustration and make the decision based on what you feel will benefit you the best. When on the flipside, if you have a majority of your counselors saying the same thing, you’re more likely to take heed to them. There is truly strength in numbers… the next step here is, GETTING US ALL ON ONE ACCORD! How you do that, i don’t know!