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Cedric Smith Photography

23 Sep

Sweet Potatoes

please check out some more of Cedric Smith’s photography_ a still visual genius!


Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks

23 Sep


Tiger Woods Dubai

23 Sep


This picture doesn’t even do this place justice. The project, namely The Tiger Woods Dubai, is an exclusive lifestyle community scheduled for completion by late 2009. The spectacular Al Rawaya Golf Course serves as its focal point.

Spread across an area of 55million square feet, The Tiger Woods Dubai will be an exclusive golf community featuring a professionally-staffed golf academy, a clubhouse spread across 139,000 square feet with premium amenities, a high-end boutique hotel, a premium destination spa, 75 mansions, 22 palaces, and 100 luxury villas.

The Tiger Woods Dubai will soon be one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, and will be a genuine oasis for those lucky enough to live or stay within its spectacular grounds, said Tiger Woods.

Thomas Pink || Commuter Tie

23 Sep


Thomas Pink have made their successful Commuter Tie part of their permanent collection. The Thomas Pink Commuter Tie resembles a regular tie but features a unique pocket behind it designed to hold an iPod Nano with the headphones concealed behind the tie when not in use. The tie has been adapted from season to season to hold the different iPod Nano shapes as well as new colors being offered. The Commuter Tie is available exclusively from Thomas Pink stores. (via Sybarites)

Apollo Bachelor Pad

21 Sep


Located at 3602 Apollo in Salt Lake City, Utah, this bachelor pad is exactly what a smart and modern man looks for his living space. Fully equipped with everything you could desire, including a stylish pool, appliances and the most wonderful views, this place is simply dreamy. Designed and built for the practical man, the interior of the house gets the eye with its polished dark wood, cast concrete, gray shinny floors and white walls. Among the most well designed bachelor pads we’ve seen, the house is on sale for for $699,000. The price is fair and the comfort is infinite, just walk in and enjoy.

Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

21 Sep


MMM | Glass Slipper

21 Sep


Made famous by none other than Cinderella and brought to life by Maison Martin Margiela, the Brothers Grimm fantastical shoe concept now exists, albeit in limited quantities.

While Margiela usually plays with reality by repurposing everyday objects (see his Currency Wallets, nail keyring and silver hospital bracelet) rather than turning to fairytales, we can’t think of a better designer to execute this shoe. Taking the idea further, the designer sells these limited edition heels, not in pairs, but per piece. We shouldn’t have to tell you that these pumps are not for daily use, however if you’re brave make sure to get a pedicure and tread lightly.

Available at Maison Margiela Stores for HK$9,900 each or HK$19,999 for the pair. ( via Cool Hunting )