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The Goyard Book

18 Jun

French trunk maker Goyard has released a book with publisher Devambez which illustrates the brand’s heritage. The Goyard Book features more than two hundred pages featuring photographs and descriptions of all the greatest achievements by Goyard since starting in 1792. The book comes in a specially designed Goyard trunk available to order in any of Goyard’s standard colors. Only 223 editions will be printed and is available for purchase through private appointment only. (via Sybarites)



27 May

If you run through some of my old post (preferably in the Duffels section) you’ll see that i am a fan of Jetsettery™ and that i love Duffel bags. Well, i’m still a fan of duffels but i’m slowly moving towards the use of Rucksacks. Yes, they look cool, but the functionalities of my life have changed & rucksacks seem to fit that change quite perfectly. Here’s a good one from Archival. (i’ve already placed an order on them myself) They’re all over the net, so make sure you hunt them down and order yourself one before they run out!

Orisue Spring Bagz

31 Mar

i haven’t posted any duffel bagz lately (ironic since i’m hmb) but i’m really excited about the few Orisue spring accessories i’ve seen. the Saber Laptop Bag (above) fits for most 13″ – 15″ laptops as well as accomodating your choice PDAs (iPhone or Blackberry) as well as a built in pocket for an iPod! The Stake (below) is a new interpretation of a wallet that would make the lamest person look cool. Check them out by clicking their respective links.


22 Feb


Classic Duffeltry (more pics here)

Marc Marmel

5 Feb


i really like the way this bag opens. Don’t know if i can classify it as a duffel but that’s all the better. i can appreciate something that can’t be placed in a box. Though, this one should fit in an overhead bin lol. (Via Selectism)

Deadstock Don… LV x SS

17 Jan


Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse
via Deadstock Don

Billy Kirk for Freeman Sporting Club

15 Jan


Here is your weekly (or monthly) duffel bag post. Billy Kirk has designed a very impressive replica money bag, used by the banks in times past, for Freeman Sporting Club.