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Just the Facts

18 Jun

The man who knows that he is working with facts, goes at his task with a felling of self-confidence that enables him to refrain from temporizing, hesitating, or waiting to make sure of his ground. He knows in advance what the outcome of his efforts will be; therefore, he moves more rapidly and accomplishes more than does the man who must “feel his way” because he is not sure that he is working with facts.

Napoleon Hill


Pearls || Human Nature

31 May

Knowledge of Human Nature: Ability to accurately analyze others and the courage to see in them what is there instead of that which one would wish to see.  Many a person goes down to defeat through misplaced confidence in others for no other reason than that of seeing in them those qualities that are not there.  Every man’s own character is written so all who will may read it, in the expression of his eyes, the tone of his voice, the posture of his body, the style of his clothes, and the nature of his deeds! There is no established rule for interpreting human nature through these outward appearances.  Each person must create his own method. – Napoleon Hill

Michael Jackson – Human Nature