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Georgio Tell’em

28 Dec


“It is difficult for me to talk about what other designers will do, but in terms of look, I suspect we will see a return to more elegant, classic dressing. This will be because people will want to purchase clothes that have a longer life span and are therefore a better investment. I have always preferred this design aesthetic, so there will be no great change in my approach. Clothes and accessories should, to my way of thinking, be more about style than fashion, and have a sophisticated, timeless quality, rather than be slaves to transient trends.”


tom ford 2009

20 Dec


Tom Ford’s 2009 Spring Collection is absolutely exquisite.

Mercura NYC

15 Dec


MERCURA is the name of two artists whom have created innovative Art to Wear at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City, 1970’s until present. Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen developed their own creative vocabulary mixing feelings of sculpture, architecture, and painting to make unsual glamorous images; incorporating materials and other jewelry that eyewear designers wouldn’t consider using.

please check out their blog to see more of their endless eclectic collection.
and thanks to MERCURA for stopping by my blog as well.

What i Saw Today

7 Dec


‘What i Saw Today’ is a unique and much needed perspective on fashion. Designer Man catalogues everyday men’s fashion he sees while people watching in New York, by converting them to fashion sketches as you would see on a high end fashion label’s design room.

[On his fashion experience] “I’m taking that knowledge and combining it with my love of illustration to record what I see around me – the vital and always changing style of guys in New York.” – Designer Man  

please check out his blog here.

Down with CP3

29 Nov


Chris Paul aka CP3 is one of my favorite point guards to watch (& study) in the NBA. Not only can he play ball but his fashion sense is above par. Check out the slideshow and his interview with Men.Style.com about winning a gold medal in the Olympics, the NBA season, and being chosen as one of GQ’s Men of the Year!

Alan Flusser: On Fashion

29 Nov


Sartorialist, designer, and author of ‘Dressing the Man,’ Alan Flusser, speaks with Men.Style.com about fashion in Hollywood, style tips, and his personal tastes.

click here to watch the video.

Porter Heavy Duty

19 Nov