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9 Jun

Chām means: Simply translated “meal for the workers.” In the wider Korean philosophical sense, it also means embracing a well prepared meal for a healthy mind and body.

And that is exactly what i got when i ate at Chām’s for the first time. Located in Pasadena, Ca on the corner of Lake & Cordova, this Korean Bistro offered me one of the best eating experiences i’ve had in a long time. One of my gripes with America is that we don’t have enough culture. We don’t cherish the experience of anything because of our lust for convenience. Being in South Korea and Europe offered me the opportunity to see what slowing down and enjoying life was all about. & Chām gave me that feeling back!

Chām is a must visit & check out how to experience their food!


15 Shots??

22 Feb

This is ridiculous… things just don’t really seem to be changing at all do they? Our people, our communities, our WORLD needs a voice. Not a figure head, not a celebrity, not a donation, not another charity event, not another party, not another bash, but someone (a group of folks) who area willing to dedicate themselves to the betterment of society. Whether it’s local or global! In my humble opinion, that is what keeping Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ alive means to me. Not about a race achieving something, but people living peacefully amongst each other understanding and agreeing to disagree, at the very least, on our differences. As much as our nations mantra has become “CHANGE” in our nations history have i ever seen it. And at this point in time to “Change” the habits and ignorance of racism, socialism, classism, and inadequate education… i hope for, but don’t see “Change” happening from within the system.

And though, this definitely hit home, literally and metaphorically, seeing as i am born and raised in Pasadena, CA… this is not something that just effects me. But it’s just like anything else in our society i guess, we never put stop signs up on a street until a little kid gets hit. i’m saddened, heartbroken, outraged, and furious. Hope will never be lost but i do know that Jesus is the only way.

God bless!!
Rest in Peace “LB”

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Living: The Bike

4 Jan

wvbikeSeeing as I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was twelve (Yeah i know lol), I was never too into bikes or riding bikes. Especially since, the city i grew up in, Altadena/Pasadena, California, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, is built in mountains and on hills. You would have to be in superior shape and love biking in order to make it up the hills. Going down is always the fun part! So when i got to Europe, i was surprised to see the bike as a major mode of transportation and a huge part of Life. Not only does the demographic of most European cities allow this to be possible with everything relatively close, but it seems to fit the very culture and mindset of Europeans. They live a very modest life, the apartments aren’t big, which makes the refrigerators smaller. You’d be hardpressed seeing an Escalade or Navigator on a cobblestone road seemingly designed specifically for Mini Coopers, Audi TT’s, and Porsches. And most importantly, no one would know what kind of outfit you dawned for the day if you didn’t get out and enjoy the unpolluted air.

The government has also made it more effecient for the bike to sustain its importance in transportation. Here in Germany, it’s very expensive to get a driver’s license and then to actually purchase a car, which deters the average family from pursuing vehicular transportation. The streets adhere to those bike riders much much more than in the States. They have bike lanes everywhere, from the small towns to the major cities with convenient bike racks about every kilometer that hold an average of 100 bikes. (yes i counted, test me) The bike enthusiasts are required, like the cars, to use signals whenever riding in the streets and each bike must have a working bell.

Oh man, the bell! I have a love/hate relationship with the bike bell. My first time in Munich i was taken on a bike tour around the city for three hours. They explained to us the basic rules and regulations of bike riding in Europe and the only rule i think i heard was, “if any pedestrian is on the bike lane or if any bike is moving slower than you are, ring the bell and they’ll move.” I loved it! Until I became one of the pedestrians and forgot where i was. The bells drove me completely insane. The other modes of transportation in Europe make it even more effecient and ideal to ride a bike.

You can get on a bus with your bike. And not always do you have to put it on the front or rear racks of the bus, but i’ve seen some get ON the bus with bike in tow. It’s also the same way on the trains which is the best mode of transportation in Europe because of its speed and the distance it covers. To be able to travel from country to bikingandsmokingcountry with a duffel bag, your passport, and a bike is amazing to me.

There’s no limit to who you’ll see riding a bike either. The two biggest characteristics i have adopted to my life from the European way of living is their fashion (which i was already intrigued by) and their humble and modest living. You’ll catch anyone from a CEO of a major company, a leading Art Center director, to a great grandmother grocery shopping, or a young socialite, pedaling their way to a destination. Biking is just the intelligent, cool, cost effecient way to get from point A to point B.

I’ve seen the affect and effect biking can have on an individual.
1) You have to possess some self-confidence to ride a bike. You’re exposed to the world! 2) It keeps you healthy, young, and in shape. Though everything is relatively close, to bike there still isn’t easy. Driving there just wouldn’t make sense. 3) It makes you look so much cooler. From fashion to function, it’s so much more personal riding a bike, which makes it so cool. I’ve never seen a suit in so much activity until i got to Europe. 4) You keep a lot more Euro in your pocket. Because the average bike is only 150 euro and to fill the innertube with air at any gas station will dig 50 cent deep into your pockets. The maintenance in riding a bike is staying in shape. No registration fees, no license necessary, no parking permits needed. Just you, your bike, a bike lock, and a plastic bag to place over the seat in case it rains or snows lol.

In my quest to live here permanently, for so many reasons, the culture, the atmosphere, the people, the humble and modest living, the Euro and Pound (both being stronger than the dollar), The Bike would be the glue that would hold my average, everyday life together in Europe.

a more in-depth article will be in my upcoming eMagazine, the Sophisticate™, February!
photographs taken from the Sartorialist

Re-mixed & Re-cut

20 Dec




Designed by: Nancy Wu for Nike

a student of the Art Center College of Design in good ole Pasadena. the college that has birthed many heavyweights in the industry. That’s what that good ole Pasadena air will do to you… Make you artistic, and cough a lot lol! Sidenote: See Mrs. Siner, i’m not the only one who wants their feet out with a tennis shoe feel. First Kiroic, now Nike!

via Hypebeast

Art Night Pasadena

14 Oct

2 days before i left the States, i was fortunate enough to hang out with a good friend of mine (DidE aka Ms. Hepburn) her family, and our friends for her birthday. We started off the evening with the Pasadena Art Night tour. Though i didn’t get to see much, what i did see was exquisite. We stopped at Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree for Pasadena exhibit. Wish Tree for Pasadena is an art installation that consists of 21 living crape myrtle trees installed amongst the cafe tables and chairs in the Courtyard of One Colorado. Visitors are invited to write their wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on the tree branches. It was very heart-touching to see that many people with wishes and very sobering to think that not many of them will be met. It makes you think!!

The other venues that you are allowed to visit include:

  • Armory Center for the Arts
  • Art Center College of Design
  • Norton Simon Museum
  • One Colorado
  • Pacific Asia Museum
  • Pasadena City College
  • Pasadena Jazz Institute
  • Pasadena Museum of California Art
  • Pasadena Museum of History
  • Pasadena Public Library
  • Side Street Projects

They also offer different venues for food and wine along with food specials at participating restaurants. Free and paid parking, and either a guided bus tour or your own guided walking tour with their directions. If you’re into art or would like to get into art (of all kind) then this is something you should definitely check out if you’re in the Los Angeles area. 

the next Art Night is in the Spring. March 13th, 2009 6pm-10pm.
for more information on Art Night Pasadena click here for their website.

Jamie Residence

9 Oct

The Jamie Residence aka “the Floating House” (builit in 2001) is one of my favorite pieces of architecture crafted to date. Although small (3 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, and dining area) it embodies everything i love about architecture: clean lines, minimalist style, multi-functionality, and a consistant flow throughout the house. It also reaches beyond it’s full capability in engineering with the space and landscape given. In my humble and honest opinion, this house is ingenious. 1.5 million dollars ingenious. View the Jamie Residence

Two 84 foot long steel beams span two concrete towers, lofting the 2000 square foot single family house above a steeply sloping hillside lot in Pasadena, California. The structural solution provides an economy of engineering, while minimizing the ecological impact of the building on the natural topography and landscape. Volumes containing storage and utility functions seperate and define the living spaces. The largest volume, a garage placed at the center of the house, seperates the parents and family zones while leaving the perimeter rooms opent to views. The more public spaces (living, dining, outdoor deck, kitchen, and family room) are all interconnected, forming one continuous 84 foot long space with 180 degree views of the cityscape below and mountains beyond. The entire building, including the underside, is clad in a standard-sized cement board panel system.